Herd Sell Out Updated 5/14/14

11 05 2014

This has been a tough decision for me but I have decided to completely get out of rabbits.  I have not had time to show or breed much for a couple years and I think it’s time for me to just take a break. Please see the For Sale pages for all available rabbits and contact us for more info and prices if not listed.  We have been holding on to some of our best but they are available now.  Colors are castor, white, and self chin.  We also have some cages for sale listed on the Equipment For Sale page.


For Sale Pages Updated 1/8/14

8 01 2014

Happy New Year!

We have updated our for sales pages and have a lot of rabbits available in a variety of colors.  We are planning to attend PA Convention in February and can transport rabbits there.


For Sale Page Updated 9/3/13

17 08 2013

We still have a lot of rabbits available and have added a bunch of juniors for sale.  Also please check out our list of equipment for sale on our equipment for sale page.  We really need to reduce so many of the rabbits are priced low.  Below is a sample of the available rabbits.


For Sale Pages Updated 7/11/13 and lots of Equipment For Sale

11 07 2013

Both for sale pages have been updated.  We have some young juniors available (broken chins, whites, a seal, and a castor) along with some older breeding stock.  We have also added an equipment for sale page because we are cutting back and don’t need all of these cages!  Cages must be picked up at our house.  Please email for more info.


For Sale Page Updated 6/26/13

17 05 2013

We have lots of castors for sale, plus a white, and a self chin (can be used with chins and silver martens).  The bucks are posted on for sale and the does are posted on for sale 2.


For Sale Page Updated 2/5/13

5 02 2013

We still have a lot of castors and a couple self chinchilla bucks available.  The self chinchilla bucks would be great for chinchilla or silver marten breeding programs.  One of the castor does (CL1) also carries chinchilla.  Please check out our for sale page and for sale 2 for pictures and more info.  Below is a sample of some available rabbits.



For Sale Page Updated 1/29/13

4 01 2013

Finally got around to updating the for sale page and ended up needing to add a second page!

We have lots of different colors available including castor, broken castor, chinchilla, self chin, broken self chin, white, and red.  All of the available castors are located on For Sale 2 and the rest are on For Sale.

We are planning to attend PaSRBA in February.  To hold a rabbit we will need a 50% deposit.

Please email us if you have any questions or are interested in anything specific. All rabbits are priced to sell because we have decided to only keep around 15 rabbits right now because I’m in college so most of our rabbits are for sale.  Most rabbits posted have never been shown because we don’t have time for showing right now.  We will also offer discounts on purchases of 2 or more rabbits.

We have also updated the bucks, the does, and past rabbits pages so feel free to look around!

Below is a preview of some for sale rabbits